If you’re looking to purchase miniature cattle, there’s a good chance that you have some questions about how they were raised. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions: (Please Contact Us for further information)

How are Miniature Cows measured?2017-02-21T14:19:52-07:00

Why Miniature Cattle?2017-02-21T13:37:33-07:00

Miniature Cattle are great for farms and properties with low acreage, whether it be for locker beef in the commercial, natural, or organic production methods, or as pets and 4-H projects.

How Much Space Do Miniature Cattle Need?2015-05-03T13:07:39-07:00

We have found that miniature cattle need approximately 1 acre of land per head. It is important to keep mud to a minimum, but even living in Washington, ‘the wet state,’ this is not an impossible task.

What Do We Feed Our Miniature Cattle? (Winter)2016-12-18T22:22:23-07:00

In the winter, we feed our cattle with locally-grown hay and haylage bales.

rural scenic_bales

What Do We Feed Our Miniature Cattle? (Spring/Summer)2016-12-18T22:22:23-07:00

In the spring and summer, our cattle graze freely in our pastures.

How Do We Protect Against Worms?2016-12-18T22:22:23-07:00

We use Ivermec Eprinex to protect our cattle against worms. We apply it in the spring and the fall.

What Do We Vaccinate With?2016-12-18T22:22:23-07:00

We use Boehringer Ingelheim Triangle 9. Triangle is a killed viral vaccine that is safe for many types of cattle, including pregnant cows.