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When we breed our miniature cattle, sometimes we use bulls on our farm. Occasionally, we will artificially inseminate our cows with semen from bulls on other farms. Listed here are our bulls, and bulls used for artificial insemination (A.I.).


Registered Micro Mini Kentshire born 7/2016. Very sweet and docile, Sammy is a great little herd bull.

Height: 35″

NEW! We are also offering semen for sale from him for $75 per straw. Contact us to learn more!


Registered Miniature Kentshire Bull.

Height: 41″

Chucky Kentshire Bull Sold $1400


Registered Miniature Kentshire Bull.

Height: 42″

‘Happy Mountain One’

Registered Miniature Herford Bull.

Height: 42″

A.I. Semen Source.

Happy Mtn 1 Bull


Registered Miniature American Beltie Bull.

Height: 38″

Rebel 38 inch tall American Beltie Bull


Registered Miniature American Beltie Bull.

Height: 38″

A.I. Semen Source.

Fireball registered American beltie


White Dexter Bull

Height: 40″



Registered American Beltie Bull

Height: 42″

Available for Stud Service.

Semen Samples Available