Small Cattle For Small Farms


“I just wanted to share with you guys that your cows joined our mini horses at our farm by the hospital. Yesterday, a seven year old boy stopped by with his mom. He had just completed 3 months of cancer treatment and was missing his cows back home. He came back to feed with me in the evening. It was awesome, and the cows are taking up and doing well. Thanks!!!”


“First time we have had the minis. John was extremely helpful and had two animals that were perfect for us. Little Joe is a gentle steer, the minis seem to be a quieter group, but have not had them long enough to know for sure. Helen had been shown at the Washington State Fair, and we were thrilled to show her in Oregon at the Yamhill County Fair. She was perfect! She is now bred and we are looking so forward to having her calf join our small herd. I highly recommend Murray Creek Miniatures as a great resource for cattle and information.”

L. Bailey – Newport, OR

‘Peanut,’ The Panda Calf

Panda Cow

Our farm made the headlines of local and regional news outlets with the birth of this rare calf. So, what makes our little guy so special? For one, there are only about 40 in the world!

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