Miniature Cows

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Miniature Cows

Welcome to our Past Miniature Cow Page! :O)

This page is somewhat outdated but we left it so you could have some history:

We currently only have one miniature cow as our beloved Dexter Cow Annabelle recently passed away. We will be keeping "George" which is Annabells' 2009 Bull calf for our future herd sire. We recentle aquired Pheobe from the Colvins in ST. Ignatius MT. We are very blessed to have her as finding another tame miniature cow after loosing Annabelle was not going to be easy nor cost effective. God Blessed us with Pheobe and we are very happy to use her as our family miniature milk cow and a new start  to our miniature cattle breeding program. We have recently added Ellie a miniature jersey heifer to our miniature cattle breeding program as well. :O) We are working on our miniature cattle pages so please bear with us during the construction period. :O) I hope that you will be blessed as much as we have with our miniature cattle thus far......Thanks for stopping by!

"Pheobe" is a Dexter X White Park Cow that was born in 2003.

She is a little larger then some miniature cattle but we wanted that true dual purpose milk and meat cow so she is perfect for us. She will likely always be bred back to a smaller bull so that her calves continue to stay small. She is very sweet and kind, loves the a great momma and a nice companion. We will likely be keeping a few heifer calves out of Pheobe but all bull calves will be available at weaning.  To see the bull she is bred to please go here:


Is our miniature Jersey Heifer Born July 2009. She is one of the darker chocolate colored Jersey types but has the same easy going GENTLE Disposition of the full sized girls. :O) We will likely breed her to Tonka this fall and perhaps to our little George next year? This little miniature jersey will make an excellent addition to our miniature breeding program. :O)  

Below is Pheobes steer calf that was born in 2009. She was bred back to the same bull so if she has another Miniature bull next year, he will be available in 2010.

More Ellie......

Pheobe had a beautiful little lady on the 5th of April 2010:O) She is so teenie and adorable! See her pictured below! We are keeping her...